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After earning an Associates in Liberal Arts from Inver Hills Community College in 2007, I spent 6 years in electronics retail before finally deciding to pursue Information Technology as a career. Working daily with the public made me realize the gulf between many end users and the technology they rely on.

Returning to school through Riverland Community College, I was reminded of my earlier enjoyment of programming languages, prompting me to pursue a career in development, and enrolled in the Computer Information Technology program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I have been playing around with various programming languages since I was 10 years old, when I taught myself the rudiments of BASIC on an old Apple IIe.

After graduating Mankato, I plan on working in the industry to gain more experience. I am currently working on a game in Unity to excersize my skills, a demo of which will be available shortly.

Outside of work, I am an artist and play table-top games like Magic: the Gathering and Pathfinder. Sometimes the two meet, as you can see on my deviantArt.